Friday, June 26, 2009

Random Sketches and Doodles

Random sketches and doodles:
I love tigers, and most big cats. I thought this little guy was too cool lookin' to not draw. I love tiger's big floppy paws, they're so fun to draw!
Snow leopards are just one animal on my long long list of favorite animals. Their faces are so simple in shape, but they are difficult to capture (I think).

I was bored and watching tv while my puppy slept on the floor. I love her long legs and she just was too fun looking not to doodle out. I have no idea where the random lady came from here, but I just doodled her out.

Marco and Mia. My aunt's two five year old Spanish Water Dogs.

A lady. I love her lips.

I love koi fish. Drawn when I was missing my two boys, Toby and Mr. Pancakes. Both koi who guard my dorm room.
I'm planning on adding watercolor to him to give him that Chameleon feel.
Trip to the Sarasota Jungle Gardens, and also a doodle of my Koi, Toby.

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