Thursday, November 12, 2009

Be the Stylist of Champions

A job description illustration. I did a dog groomer. My favorite so far, I'm planning on adding type this weekend, so I should have an update up soon. Until then, enjoy.

The Fox and the Ram

Here's another piece, for a children's book. Children's illustration is something I would love to do, it's just so open and fun. Anyway, this is a double page spread for a story titled "The Fox and The Ram" where a fox is stuck in a well and convinces a passing ram to jump down for the delicious water. Once the ram realizes there's no way out, the fox jumps on the ram's horns and out of the well leaving the ram to fend for himself.
Here's my illustration of the fox scheming for a way to get the thirsty ram into the well. I would like to eventually get back into the fox and fix up his colors. He's a little too closely colored to the walls of the well.


Finally! I've been able to use the scanner that's available to us students! Here is the rescan of my "Twins" piece that I promised. The colors are much better here. Also, I threw in my tight sketch which is the line drawing I work from before starting a final piece.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Three Doggies

I really love animals, dogs especially. I think they are the best companions and make great friends. So, I donated three small pieces to the Purrcasso 2009 Arts and Craft Gala which was a lovely fund raiser for the Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society in Berkeley, CA. I really wish I could have contributed more and the artwork submitted was amazing and super inspiring.

Bull Terrier (pencil):
Smooth Fox Terrier (pencil):

Beagle (watercolor and ink):

PS- I promise I'll scan and upload more from now on.