Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Digital Piece WIP

This is what I have been working on in my free time (so it's not getting much attention). It's a rework of something I did in high school. It's barely started. So I'll be working on this an posting my progress (probably over the summer).
This is a "robot girl" who has stopped for a second to fix the wires in her arm.


Doodles for the poodles. aka. Doodles I've done when bored. (Pencil, ball point pen, digital)

Business Package

Finally! This image uploads! For whatever reason, this image continued to upload blue. Anyway, this is my "business identity" project for graphic design. It includes a letter head (with a giraffe print back), envelope, and hand made business card. I really like how this turned out, mostly because of my love of giraffes.


Octopus done in pen and ink. It's not my favorite, there are somethings I would change. But it was a nice way to get a feel for pen and ink.


I found these laying around, I've always had an interest in photography and am pursuing it as a minor. Here are some I like especially. The first is taken at night at the beach. The crocodile is taken, I believe, at the Baltimore Aquarium. The still life was for a class assignment. Finally, the last two were taken on a fishing trip in Costa Rica. The water was that beautiful.