Monday, November 8, 2010

ZBrush Toy

A toy creation I thought up and created in zbrush. I was even able to paint it this time! He is intended to be a secondary toy, created to go along with a figure who rides on its saddle.

My favorite part, the mask;


  1. Cute! Also lol, LIZARD DRAGON THING- RELEVANT TO MAH INTERESTS. How many subtools is that? I'm guessing the mask and the saddle, but it looks like the legs also might be subtools? Points of articulation?

  2. It turned out to be 6 subtools, the legs are sculpted to the body but made to look jointed. The subtools were body, mask, bottom teeth (2), tongue, and saddle. The spikes were all originally different subtools but I merged them to the mask and saddle. I'm glad you likes him :]