Friday, December 11, 2009

Endangered Birds

Endangered birds of North America done in watercolor:

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  1. hey!!!!(!!)

    not sure if youre open for crits, but you better be because i've got one for you!

    first off... cool piece !

    secondly, i think if you were to either darken the value of the tree or give a much deeper contrast to the birds themselves they'd pop out a lot more than they are - the problem i'm having is theyre all generally the same value and none have a big shift in temperature either to help that.

    what i do sometimes is i scan it in before its finished or take a nice photo of it, then desature the whole thing just to see what works and what doesnt in the realm of pure valu. i did that with yours and generally speaking everything went to the same midtone.

    its a good piece, and youve got a lot of room to play with if you decide to get back in it!