Thursday, October 1, 2009

For illustration, we were given a random book title to which we had to come up with our own story idea, then the cover illustration. I was given the title "Twins" and in my story, a pair of conjoined twins are born, but both parents die leaving the girls alone to wander away into a circus. Needless to say, they join the circus and live there. Long story short, the ringleader wants to force them into marrying him until they plot a secret way to kill him (during his magic show, where they let him burn alive) without being a suspect.
The following is my cover.
I apologize for the god awful photograph of this, I have tried so many different things to get this to reproduce well, but so far I am having a terrible time with it. Hopefully I will be able to get some tips and be able to photograph my work in the photo labs. Anyway, the colors are brighter and the skin isn't so dead in person. Oh well, I'll post when I get a better copy.
For now, enjoy.

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